Veteran Foundation Echo

Originally Echo Entertainment Enterprises Inc a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization Since 2004

Why Partner with Veteran Foundation Echo?

No Soldier, Marine, Seaman, or Airman ever fights alone. They have brothers and sisters in the field, and family waiting back home. When their active time is over, they are, more often than not, completely forgotten by their country and they return home to a world that doesn’t make sense.

Their loved ones cannot understand why something like a car payment is trivial to the veteran. Last week they were supporting a mission with life and death consequences. This week they are home and it feels like the world doesn’t even care about their sacrifices.

This week you are going back to your daily life. This week, no matter how they try, they can’t bring themselves to care about your trivial concerns. Last week they were responsible for millions of dollars’ worth of equipment and they lead a group of well-trained people.

This week they are trying to find a job doing something they can’t convince themselves has any importance or worth. Last week they were proud members of the US Military with an important job and responsibilities. This week…

This week they’ll call Veteran Foundation Echo. We’ve been there. We understand, and we care. Whether they need counseling, financial help, medical help, retraining, or just a friend, we’ll be there to help them re-acclimate to the civilian world.

We will never forget what it was like to come home to an unfamiliar world, or what it was like to find our way in a world that doesn’t understand how to translate our skills to a civilian equivalent. Our mission is our veterans.

Our Core Values







Selfless Service


Team work

Our nation's strength is built on the back of heroes, and our integrity is forged in the fire of perseverance.

We aren’t burdened by our freedoms, yet we have inherited the great responsibility to protect them. Let us never resolve to forget that, and remember forever the brave ones that continue this tradition in blood and in might. For it is their call, their privilege, and honor, and we thank them for bravery in the line of duty, and for the hardships, they’ll endure for their ultimate sacrifice.

Thomas Jefferson

U.S. Founding Father

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With your help, we can make our veterans, and their families, succeed!