Our Evolution

Today, Veteran Foundation Echo is committing to a more assistance driven mission. In 2004 we were Echo Entertainment Enterprises, and our mission was entertaining deployed troops and wounded soldiers. With more and more separated or retired former warfighters, it became apparent that our mission needed to adapt to the needs of the veterans who were coming home.

The Distressing Reality

We became aware of the fact that veterans and their families were in critical financial distress. Veterans, after serving with honor, returned home to poverty and homelessness.

We learned about our veteran’s desperate needs for a civilian transition assistance program, and career re‐training; as well as simple job placement service.

Sadly, we also discovered that the Federal Government wasn’t doing anything about any of these problems for the vast majority of veterans.

How Did We Get Here?

Due to misconception and presumption, most people believe that veterans get all of the assistance they would ever need. How many commercials do you see every day talking about veteran benefits?

The truth is a little less helpful. To actually qualify for any level of government help, you need to have either a Medal of Honor, retire after 20+ years of service, or be evaluated and granted a disability percentage from the Veteran’s Administration.

According to government numbers, only 17% of service personnel ever make it to retirement. In addition, only 20% of military personnel receive a service-connected disability rating from the Veteran’s Administration.

Allowing for cross-over of those two groups, it is safe to say that 70-80% of former military personnel are completely abandoned by the government when they leave the service. People who served in foreign lands, went to war, or just lived as active military personnel doing their job for years. Those people are separated with honor and then released.

They have no home. They have no job. They have no civilian social network or any support system that understands the military experience.

Thanks for Serving. Good Luck! Don’t call us, we’re done with you.
-The Government

Recently, under President Trump, veterans returning from active combat zones are granted healthcare services for a limited period of 5 years.

While we absolutely appreciate the President’s recognition that all veterans should have access to medical services, we also recognize that a 5-year medical benefit isn’t enough of a solution to truly address this complex issue.

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